10 Best Anime Series To Watch Instead Of My Hero Academia

At Kohei Horikoshi my hero academia became one of the biggest shonen hits of the decade. Now in its sixth season, it tackles its heaviest material yet as the Pro Heroes and the villainous Paranormal Liberation Front clash in all-out war. After 100 episodes and three feature films, the craze for my hero academia has never been bigger.

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However, my hero academia tends to have issues, such as poor pacing that unnecessarily lengthens the story. Luckily, there are plenty of satisfying shonen substitutes to watch instead. There are similar series that will appeal to both my hero academia fans as well as those who enjoy telling superhero stories but otherwise find my hero academia fall flat.

10/10 Saitama denounces the superhero-centric society that powers his world

One-punch man

There are comparable ideas at the heart of my hero academia and One-punch mantwo superhero-obsessed anime where society has learned to acclimate to a new, super-powered existence. my hero academia uses wide-eyed Midoriya as the audience’s perspective on his unique universe, but in One-punch manthe superpowered Saitama has fought so much evil that he is completely bored.

One-punch man lovingly denounces the shonen and superhero stereotypes it simultaneously indulges in. It has a lot of fun with the very nature of superheroes, but it’s still full of heightened battles and beautiful visual spectacles.

9/10 Asta finds himself on a journey of self-discovery similar to Deku’s

black clover

black clover fits comfortably into the wider shonen spectrum as young Asta prepares for a life of adventure and combat, but he doesn’t let his lack of magical skills hold him back. Asta frequently overcomes adversity and, like Deku, speaks with the inspirational message of how anyone can be a hero.

Admittedly, Asta is a bit rougher protagonist around the edges and takes a while to fully blossom. Ultimately, he and Deku are driven by the same ideals.

8/10 Gon and Killua Break Out of the Shonen Mold With Difficult Story Arcs

Hunter X Hunter

Gon Freecss and his nen-based adventures in Hunter X Hunter are often considered a dark horse shonen classic. The explosive blasts of energy and powerful transformations that Gon and the rest of Hunter X HunterBear’s characters have a lot in common with more popular hits, but Hunter X Hunter stands out with a stimulating narrative that never repeats itself.

Gon and Midoriya could be distant relatives, and they both help remind audiences that unassuming underdogs should never be underestimated. Hunter X Hunter also doesn’t suffer from extensive filler material and its comprehensive narrative is on par with the greatest stories in the shonen genre.

7/10 Goku and his comrades laid the groundwork for an anime like My Hero Academia

Dragon Ball Franchise

dragonball is one of the prototypical battle shonen series that has helped influence modern content culture. There are many differences between my hero academiaThe world filled with Quirk and dragonballit is the energy of ki. However, both anime are consumed by martial arts competitions and Midoriya’s innocent attitude is certainly reminiscent of Goku.

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Midoriya and his friends remain much younger than Goku and company in Dragon Ball Zbut there is always a growing sense of maturity with each passing season My hero academia. Deku’s growth is less than Goku’s, but the progression into more adult themes and ideas is a strong selling point in both series.

6/10 Recca presents a classic action story without any frills

Flame of Recca

Flame of Recca is a perfectly interesting action anime from the 1990s that transforms the heroic ninja aspirant, Recca Hanabishi, into a flame martial arts prodigy. There is a comforting formula for Flame of Recca and at times, Recca even looks a lot like Midoriya in his early adventures.

For those who find themselves increasingly exhausted by the increasing number of episodes for my hero academia,the 43 episodes of Flame of Recca is a much more manageable shonen alternative. It is a watch that is easy to integrate between the new my hero academia seasons.

5/10 Toriko explores a grand gourmet world where heroic fighters thrive


The titular Toriko dreams of whipping up the most delicious full meal imaginable as he tests his prolific Gourmet Hunter status. The Toriko The universe’s fascination with food is a playful change of pace that’s enough to make this shonen series unique, even though it picks up a lot of familiar ideas.

The issues in Toriko are never at the same level as My hero academia, but despite their profoundly different skill sets, it still seems like Midoriya and Toriko would get along and support each other in battle.

Little Witch Academy

Studio Trigger Little Witch Academy takes place in a world where powerful magic users are the norm, as opposed to versatile Quirks. Starting out as a movie before being turned into a 25-episode anime, Little Witch Academy follows Atsuko Kagari, an endless budding magic user who hopes to become the next great witch.

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Little Witch Academy focuses more on the academic aspect than my hero academia does instead of big, bold villains, but there’s still a comparable energy and setting to the series. Atsuko not only looks a lot like Midoriya, but her nickname Akko even brings to mind Deku.

3/10 Kotetsu and Barnaby reveal the corporate greed that comes with a superhero society

tiger and rabbit

tiger and rabbit is another anime where superheroes are so mainstream that they’ve become corporate entertainment commodities and shallow deals for ratings and endorsements. Two contrasting superheroes are paired and true kinship is achieved despite their initial reservations.

tiger and rabbit delivers over-the-top fights from ridiculous crime-fighters, but its biting commentary on the nature of superheroes is just as gratifying. A second season was recently released which builds beautifully on the themes of the first season, making it the perfect time to check out this clever genre hybrid.

2/10 A team of forgotten villains helps save the day

super crooks

A one-season Netflix anime that’s technically set in the larger “Millarverse,” super crooks is a fascinating subversion of the heist genre that didn’t make as much of a mark as it should have. A team of washed-up, retired villains go for one last big score.

The main characters of super crooks are used to being seen as villains, but they find new purpose in this challenging exercise that takes many surprising turns. super crooks looks amazing, and it features Invincible levels of violence that add real stakes to this out-of-control criminal caper.

1/10 Cyborgs become society’s greatest hope for survival

Cyborg 009

At Shotaro Ishinomori Cyborg 009 is an acclaimed sci-fi action series that debuted in the 1960s and built a long legacy over the following decades. In what looks a lot like a Saturday morning children’s show, Cyborg 009 follows nine kidnapped individuals who are turned into cyborgs by the evil organization Black Ghost.

A scientist helps these cyborgs escape and use their new powers to fight against the evil empire that transformed them into these creations and prevent them from dominating the world. Cyborg 009 gives unique robots the superhero treatment.

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