10 best animations in animated movies, according to MyAnimeList


When comparing anime to cartoons, it is easy to see the visual differences between the two. The anime puts more effort into the designs and even in their movie format, they still adhere to the hand-drawn characters and movements. Western animated films just don’t have the same spirit or appeal because most of them are in 3D.

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This is why there is a different kind of fandom surrounding 2D animated films. It’s a league of its own and even some bad stories or characterizations can easily be backed up by animations. Here are the best of the best when it comes to animated movies, especially those with the prettiest hand-drawn animations, ranked by movie quality, courtesy of MyAnimeList.

ten PAPRIKA – 8.07

Most of Satoshi Kon’s animated films could easily fit in here, but his most popular is usually Paprika. It was the dreamscape sci-fi anime that inspired Hollywood minds such as that of Christopher Nolan Creation. Paprika’The story of s revolves around the same premise of playing with dreams.

In it, dreams can be visualized or manipulated using a prototype scientific device. The device, however, was stolen because it has the potential to be used for crime and other destructive acts. Under normal narrative circumstances, PaprikaThe animation doesn’t really stand out, but when the dream sequences kick in, they easily become a carousel of color in Wonderland.


It’s Makoto Shinkai. For some, this might be enough to explain why Garden of words deserves this place. If fans have always wanted to see the prettiest 2D rendition of a spring or summer rain, then Garden of words is the best bet even with new Makoto Shinkai movies like Alter with you.

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It’s because Garden of words associates its initially dark rainy background with the mood of the two characters whose affection for each other is seen as inappropriate. Their mood changes with the weather and when it does, the film floods the brain with a strange amount of serotonin due to the fluidity of the sudden change in weather animation.

8 AKIRA – 8.16

Even with new animated films coming out every year, Akira remains strong as one of the golden standards of 2D animation. It’s the oldest movie here, but many fans will probably agree that it still has the best animation of any animated movie, especially when the technology at the time (1988) was more limited for the drawings. 2D.

As a movie, it’s also awesome and one of the most unforgettable cyberpunk stories around, as it intertwines psychically enhanced mutant children and corrupt government authorities in a futuristic Tokyo on the brink of riot and of destruction. Who would have thought that watching these two unfold would be a visual delight?

7 RED LINE – 8.30 am

A pretender to Akira as the best of the 2D effort might be Red line. It’s a racing animated film that nods to classics such as Speed ​​runner etc. Red line, however, is not limited to the monotony of an art style as each character is their own individual.

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Even for an animated film, it’s still impressive. The amount of effort invested Red lineThe unique and energetic 2D art of can easily be seen in something as mundane in the background as the crowd. Complementing all of this cool and boisterous animation is the equally explosive soundtrack that will surely pump the adrenaline of viewers.


This is the reason why Scarlet Johanson Ghost in the shell The Hollywood remake may well take off as well as expected. The original Ghost in the shell movie that launched cyberpunk heavyweights such as The matrix is yet unmatched by any of its other iterations or derivatives.

If one is not convinced that Ghost in the shell doesn’t deserve to be here, so repeated replay of the Hong Kong ghetto chase streak should prove the point. It is just one of the best action sets in animated films. Even something as small as a pedestrian and shopping interaction in the Hong Kong market is full of details. They don’t do it like that anymore.


Even the regulars Cowboy Bebop The series turned heads in its time given the fluidity and crispness of its animations. The movie just takes it a step further by adding more footage and enhancing the details of each participant in a scene that it can be difficult to recreate the same shots in live-action just like what happened in Ghost in the shell.

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During this time, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie pits the unlikely space bounty hunter partnership of Faye Valentine, Spike Spiegel, Edward and Jet Black against a rogue super soldier named Vincent who plotted his own terrorist plot. It takes place somewhere in the events of the anime and luckily can be watched by any fan without fear of spoilers.


There is always this anime that makes it difficult to focus on the narrative or story thanks to the beauty of its art becoming hypnotically distracting. Kizumonogatari is one of those animated films. The rating is for the first entry in the trilogy, but they’re all worth watching.

A little like Red line, Kizumonogatari combines several artistic styles into a vigorous 2D amalgamation and sometimes with 3D environments added to the mix. He also plays with different shades of dark colors in order to convey the mood. The animation images are simply top notch, because every limb, clothing and even the mammary gland are well animated.


Violet Evergarden is one of the last titles here and this year. It’s a critically acclaimed anime and now has its recently released film that apparently cannot be watched without viewers’ eyes soaking up their own tears. When they’re not crying alongside Violet, the protagonist, they’ll admire the subtle yet refined 2D art.

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Violet Evergarden may not be as spectacular in effects unlike Makoto Shinkai’s films or as vibrant as Satoshi Kon’s, but does wonders with what it has – enough to accompany the protagonist’s dramatic introspections and portray his mourning.

2 SURGERY FAR – 8.85

Of course, the Studio Ghibli movies just had to be here. They’ve done a lot of work on their hyperbolic character expressions and even 2D food. It’s often the poster for Studio Ghibli movies – the original version of which didn’t even need a remaster due to its signature trendy Ghibli style.

All in Abducted as if by magic is simply magical, from the translucency of No Face to the dragon form of Haku. True to its title, watching the movie is like being taken to another more mystical place.

1 YOUR NAME – 9.01

Much like Studio Ghibli, Makoto Shinkai is now a brand in its own right thanks to the hallmark of the best 2D animation of all time. Your name, besides, remains the magnum opus of Shinkai and one of the highest rated animated films of all time. There’s even a live-action Hollywood remake along the way, which may or may not be needed.

Either way, the success or failure of the Hollywood version can only prove how good a movie is. your name is both narrative and aesthetic. Never before has gender swapping in the midst of a bombardment of orbital comets been so beautiful or romantic before. Your name.

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