10 Best Animated Movies According To Rotten Tomatoes

There are endless options available to anime fans. There are hundreds of new and thought-provoking anime series that air every year, but there’s also so much innovation at play when it comes to anime projects that grace theaters.

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Some of the most iconic and influential anime are feature films, but these ambitious projects can face mixed reception or not be truly understood for decades. Naturally, the alternative is also true, and there are some anime movies that really resonate with the critical community and deserve consideration. Rotten Tomatoes is a valuable resource when it comes to evaluating various media.

ten Belle riffs on the Beauty & The Beast narrative through a virtual world (score: 95%)

Mamoru Hosoda has a moving filmography filled with stories where disaffected young people are transported to new worlds that leave them invigorated by life’s many possibilities. None of Hosoda’s movies are necessarily bad, but there can be diminishing returns to the virtual world and the alter ego premise.

2021 Beautiful is Hosoda’s most recent film and while it’s a very familiar story for the director, it’s also easily his finest piece of animation. Beautiful doesn’t try to go much further than its updated version The beauty and the Beastand it’s easy to get lost in the stunning animation that fills the virtual world of “U.”

9 Promare is a fiery adrenaline rush that never slows down (score: 97%)

Studio TRIGGER is one of the top animation studios in the anime industry and audiences regularly flock to their series because they know they are going to witness a higher level of quality when it comes to action footage. animation and action. 2019 Promare is TRIGGER’s feature debut and the explosive animated piece doesn’t spoil the opportunity.

Promare focuses on superhero-like firefighters who must extinguish the fiery enemies that threaten humanity. Promare has stereotypical characters and a thin plot, but the animation is on a whole new level. Promare is guilty of preferring style over substance, but his high reputation with critics is proof that Promare is not void beneath its vibrant visuals.

8 Ghost In The Shell is a cyberpunk classic that defined a generation (score: 97%)

Mamoru Oshii is a vital name for the anime industry which is responsible for totemic works like patlabor and Urusei Yatsura, but 1995 ghost in the shell represents a turning point for the industry. Oshii is constantly fascinated by questions of faith, religion and identity, but they are most effectively articulated through technology in Ghost in the shell.

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ghost in the shell is nearly three decades old, but it’s regularly considered the pinnacle of cyberpunk anime. The legacy of ghost in the shell lives on through several spin-off series that further explore the politics and commentary behind this wealthy futuristic cyberpunk society.

seven Spirited Away Highlights Hayao Miyazaki’s Best Impulses (Score: 97%)

Hayao Miyazaki is one of the biggest names in the animation industry, co-founder of Studio Ghibli, and most of his cinematic contributions are at the high end of Rotten Tomatoes. All of Miyazaki’s films are beautiful in their own way, but Taken away as if by magic is the most common and the most accessible.

It’s easy to see why Taken away as if by magic has the highest rating among Miyazaki’s films. Taken away as if by magic may not have the shards of reality that are present in Porco Rosso Where The wind picks up, but its beautiful use of fantasy and folklore tells a universal coming-of-age story.

6 Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The film turns out to be much more than a pretty prequel (Score: 98%)

Recency bias is a very real thing when it comes to media ratings and it’s hard to tell how something that’s successful now will hold up a decade or two later. Consequently, Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie is a prequel film for the last shonen sensation, Jujutsu Kaisen.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is accessible to Jujutsu Kaisen newcomers due to its prequel status, but it’s still deeply indebted to its source material. This tender story of friendship and responsibility is absolutely beautiful and full of inventive fight sequences.

5 Demon Slayer: The Movie: Mugen Train Celebrates New Shonen Success Story (Score: 98%)

Demon Slayer: The Movie: Mugen Train is a critically acclaimed anime film that seems to owe much of its success to the skyrocketing popularity of the film’s corresponding shonen series. Train Mugen distills the kinetic action of the series to a haunted locomotive and a demonic battle to the death.

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The exceptional animation of Train Mugen is a testament to Ufotable’s work as an animation studio and the fact that the film broke box office records in Japan is a testament to the film’s success. Train Mugen is luscious action fun that’s sure to resonate with demon slayer Fans.

4 Your Name is a moving story that will melt even the coldest hearts (score: 98%)

Makoto Shinkai has made a name for himself in the anime industry through his emotional feature films that combine realistic emotions with supernatural fantasy. Many of Shinkai’s works explore similar themes and can sometimes feel like revised versions of the same idea.

your name is the most polished of the Shinkai stories and it’s a truly inspiring coming-of-age story. The relationship that forms between Taki and Mitsuha is genuine and effortless. It’s no surprise that the film’s touching romance has touched the hearts of so many critics.

3 Perfect Blue is a haunting look at a fractured mind (score: 100%)

Satoshi Kon was a tough visionary who died far too young, but in a short time he was able to direct four famous films and a powerful television season. Kon has no weak link in his career, but perfect blue is considered the true masterpiece of the surrealist storyteller.

perfect blue is a story of fractured identity, obsession and public versus private that is full of powerful and provocative imagery. perfect blue is only more powerful today and has influenced many American filmmakers.

2 Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Once Upon a Time Cathartic Conclusion (Score: 100%)

The first one Rebuilding Evangelion The movie was released in 2007, but Hideaki Anno wasn’t able to end his signature series until more than a decade later, when Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Three Times Upon A Time finally released in 2021. Few experiences are worth such a long wait, but Once upon a time is an impressive synthesis of Hideaki Anno’s career and very existence.

Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Three Times Upon A Time concludes with confidence evangelization narrative and engages in a wild meta-meditation which is the perfect closing element. Evangelical 3.0+1.0 is the opposite of mainstream and safe, but it’s a rare achievement in experimental cinema that critics have openly embraced.

1 Grave Of The Fireflies is a beautiful look at life and loss (Score: 100%)

Directed by Isao Takahata of Studio Ghibli, the Grave of the Fireflies has an excellent reputation as a stunning achievement in the field of animation. The film brutally exploits the cost of war as two young siblings struggle to stay together and survive the height of World War II.

the Grave of the Fireflies is a story so devastating that audiences may only watch it once, but its message will remain etched in their memory for a lifetime. In reference to the Grave of the Fireflies as anime equivalent to Schindler’s list may seem drastic or reductive, but it carries the same contemplative and austere reputation.

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