10 anime series that have the best reactions from fans

Anime has become more mainstream than ever, garnering many fans in recent years. Most of this is due to the release of a new anime that appeals to even non-anime fans. These series offer a new take on this kind of entertainment, getting rid of the boring tropes that used to keep people away.

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These anime are able to glue audiences to their seats with the suspense, excitement, and twists they offer. They were able to extract the desired reactions from fans around the world through their unique stories.

10/10 My Hero Academia features cool heroes and scary villains

My Hero Academia characters.

my hero academia properly balances school work and hero work as the next generation of heroes hone their skills and strive to be the best they can be. The anime would have been really boring if it focused too much on schoolwork or fighting bad guys. Instead, it gives audiences the best of both worlds.

The school activities are so fun to watch, especially the interclass competitions, and the battles against the bad guys are thrilling and full of suspense. This combination is giving audiences a real treat, and fans have a lot more to look forward to with the new season now airing.

9/10 The Seven Deadly Sins are special in their own way

Characters from The Seven Deadly Sins.

It’s not every time an anime begins with the protagonists being legends. The seven deadly sins is a great show because it treated its audience to overpowered characters and essentially made the main cast invincible without making the story boring.

The battles mainly showcased the strength of the main protagonists, and many of them are famous among anime fans. The exploits of the proud Escanor were a gold mine to excite the fans. It’s usually very satisfying to see proud characters hold their big words.

Characters from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

If it was possible for an anime to be too good, then Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood would be guilty of this. This anime is so comprehensive, and despite the vast cast of characters, each character is easily catered for.

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The battles are particularly interesting because they leave the audience on the edge of their seat, fingers crossed in anticipation. The story is also very gripping and helps the public to better understand the stakes of the battles. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has one of the most wholesome stories in anime history.

7/10 One-Punch Man appeals to superhero fans

Saitama and Genos from One-Punch Man.

Superhero movie fans are easily drawn to One-punch man thanks to Saitama and his one-punch knockouts. This show flips an anime trope, and it’s one where the hero overcomes obstacles and takes down the villain.

In One-punch manthe strongest villains are usually seen fighting a losing battle against Saitama, and though they give their all, they can never overcome the odds. Fans often applaud the villain in this show, hoping they fight well before being wiped out by Saitama.

6/10 TenSura is arguably the best Isekai anime

TenSura Characters / This Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime /

This time I got reincarnated as a slime (TenSura) follows the story of Rimuru and his companions as they attempt to create a prosperous nation. Like many other isekai protagonists, Rimuru is overpowered, but unlike others, he is surrounded by overpowered allies.

This anime gives fans the thrill of watching Rimuru’s underlings defeat the main villains as if they were helpless. Many anime fans enjoy watching anime where the protagonists far outrank the villains in terms of strength, and TenSura makes it very good.

5/10 Black Clover took a turn for the better

Black Clover characters.

The start of black clover looked too much like other classic shonen anime. He seemed to take after the likes of naruto or even Fairy tale. As time passed, black clover started telling its own story in a unique way and made other changes that made it better.

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For starters, its story no longer felt derivative, and the quality of the animation was on point. Battles usually have fans screaming with excitement, and it’s not easy to tell who will emerge victorious. black clover often delivers some of the most jaw-dropping twists and turns that leave fans in shock.

4/10 Naruto is a treasured keepsake for many anime fans

Naruto Characters

When discussing the subject of “best anime ever”, naruto always ends up being mentioned. This discussion will not be complete without including it. This is due to the fact naruto cutting edge entertainment to anime fans for many years. This anime has no shortage of interesting characters, suspense, and amazing and memorable battles.

Anime fans who grew up watching naruto can’t help but reminisce about the good old days when they first watched it, leaving them very nostalgic. naruto is one of the few anime with high rewatch value.

3/10 One Piece just keeps getting better

One Piece characters.

A play is such a popular anime that even new anime fans know about it. Older anime fans grew up watching A play, and it still isn’t over, despite spanning over two decades. The show just keeps getting better, with animation quality better than it’s ever been, and the story gets even deeper.

The battles in A play are some of the best in anime, often leaving fans in disbelief at what they’ve watched. The anime properly blends comedy with intense action to deliver a true masterpiece.

2/10 Demon Slayer is great fun

Tengen holding his two swords over his shoulder in Demon Slayer.

demon slayer exploded and became hugely popular at an alarming rate. Although already quite famous, it wasn’t until the airing of the 19th episode of the first season titled “Hinokami” that the anime became truly popular.

The battle between Tanjiro and Rui was beautifully animated and choreographed, so anime fans who hadn’t given much thought to the series began to question their decision. Since then it is a upward spiral of fame and success for demon slayerand it will only get better from here.

1/10 Attack on Titan is as good as the anime

Characters from Attack on Titan.

As for anime that is very appealing to adult audiences and even non-anime fans, The attack of the Titans take the cake. It takes many anime tropes and throws them out the window. This anime is action-packed and filled with suspense. It shows the bitterness of war and its long-term negative effects on the participants.

The action, drama, suspense, plot twists, soundtrack and related characters all come together to make this show a true masterpiece. The attack of the Titans often leaves fans speechless, thanks to its incredible story.

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