10 anime series like the Tokyo Revengers you should start watching


Tokyo Avengers surely has an interesting plot that perfectly blends science fiction with action that has captivated many fans, which has helped it rise to the top of the ranks. He follows Takemichi and his time travel to save the grisly future starting with the past. There are other similar animes that you can start binge-watching especially if you like sci-fi and action in one and here is a list of 10 animes like Tokyo Avengers.

Based on manga series by Ken Wakui published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine, Tokyo Avengers now has an anime adaptation by Liden Films featuring 24 episodes in a double yard. It won the 44th Kodansha Manga Award under the shnen category in 2020, and recently it announced that there will also be a real action movie of the same title.

Here are 10 animes like Tokyo Avengers you should start watching.

ten. Re: Zero – Starting life in another world

Although Subaru does not travel to the past, it is transported to another world where the same thing happens over and over again. He only dies to come back to life the moment he arrives in the mysterious world. It shares the same element of time with Tokyo Avengers and Subaru also faces off against various deadly villains like Takemichi.

9. Charlotte

Charlotte follows the story of pre-teen children who obtained superpowers when Comet Charlotte passed close to Earth. Yuu Otosaka can possess anyone’s body for five seconds. For this reason, he is transferred to Houshinoumi Academy where children with superpowers study their abilities. The same element of time is present in this anime as well as the life of a high school student like that of Tokyo Avengers.

8. ReVie

Following the story of Kaizaki Arata, a desperate 27-year-old guy who is reaching the bottom of his life who found another way to correct his past mistakes when he met Ryo Yoake, an employee of the ReLife Research Institute where he there are drugs that could turn a person into their seventeen-year-old self. Kaizaki uses it and begins his life as a high school student again. The principle is quite similar to Tokyo Avengers without the revenge plot.

7. Orange

Another anime that travels through time without the revenge plot, Orange focuses on a high school romance in which Takamiya Naho receives a mysterious letter from herself 10 years before her current age. Thinking at first of a prank, Naho realizes that the content of the letter begins to come true. His future self tells him to watch over Kakeru, their friend, whom they will lose in the future.

6. Black lagoon

An action packed anime with yakuza like Tokyo Avengers minus the time travel this time, Black lagoon talks about Rokuro Okajima whose ship he is on is attacked by pirates. He was later kidnapped and the mercenaries are proving to be quite friendly. He then gave up his status as a corporate slave and joined the pirates as they crossed the South China Sea.

5. Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Ikebukuro West Gate Park is all about gangs and taking care of loved ones as in Tokyo Avengers. Makoto Majima lives his life in Ikebukuro as a yakuza mortal dispute troubleshooter and he is very capable of doing it, far from the way the police handle it. He finds himself with a deceased loved one and he must find a way to reconcile him with himself.

4. Rainbow

Another yakuza-centric anime; Rainbow is more on the emotional side of being in a gang where a group of teenagers were transferred to the special reform school in Shounan because they committed crimes worthy of such a penal institution. There, they meet Rokurouta Sakuragi, who taught them various things about life in general and how to keep hope and towards each other.

3. Shounan Bakusozoku

Gang culture with a mix of high school drama is the main portion of this animated series, as is the timeline spent in Tokyo Avengers. A biker, Shounan Bakusozoku, leads a gang of high school students while being a member of a craft club. These two don’t really get confused, but this anime beautifully portrays gang culture and how each member cares for each other despite how strange they are.

2. Steins; Portal

Yet another time travel-centric anime, Steins; Portal focuses on Rintarou Okabe, a mad scientist who focuses on bizarrely used futuristic gadgets. He does these experiences with his team, Mayuri Shiina and Hashida Itaru. They created a revolutionary gadget, a telephone microwave, which could send messages to the past via email. Same as Tokyo Avengers, it also encompasses the concept of time travel to be able to save a loved one from a bad future.

1. Erased

Probably the closest anime to Tokyo Avengers, Erased focuses on Satoru Fujinuma who touched the bottom of his life carrying childhood trauma. He gets the power to time travel so that he can avoid accidents and even death, and he uses it to be able to correct his past and have a better future, including saving a loved one with such power. His story is very similar to that of Takemichi.

Tokyo Avengers releases new episodes every Saturday, available for online streaming through Crisp where it was confirmed for a dubbed version in english, at 02:07 JST / 11:07, AM PT / 13:07 CT / 14:07 EST / 19:07 BST.

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