10 Anime Series Better Than Disney

The entertainment industry tends to be a bit biased towards Western productions. Animation fans around the world love Disney, and that admiration and popularity is well-deserved. However, those not exposed to the world of anime are largely absent.

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At its core, anime is just another form of animation that has yet to infiltrate mainstream media. It’s very different from Disney, but that doesn’t diminish the level and quality of the anime in any way. In fact, there are countless must-watch animated series that give Disney titles a run for their money.

ten Sailor Moon’s Usagi Tsukino Is One Fleshy Disney Princess

Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino leads a life that bears many similarities to Ariel from The little Mermaid. The two main characters undergo radical transformations in search of true love. The overall execution of Sailor Moon feels more complex than The little Mermaid. The anime highlights its action scenes which is a significant difference between the two.

On some level, this attention to detail makes Usagi’s story feel more authentic than Ariel’s. Having more to overcome and more room to grow makes Usagi a more fleshed out character than some Disney Princesses.

9 Rascal Doesn’t Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai Tackles Mental Health And Trauma Head On

Disney buries the lessons in its films. Upside down, for example, discusses the emotional turmoil of growing up. Disney displays all of Riley’s emotions as characters in their own right. Rascal doesn’t dream of Bunny Girl Senpai goes deeper than five emotions as the anime focuses on a phenomenon called “Adolescence Syndrome”.

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It’s clear that the “syndromes” are an awareness of each character’s trauma and insecurity. Struggles with their mental health and traumatic pasts project into their physical reality. naughty outrun Upside downattempts to teach its audience to heal from within.

8 Fruit Basket Surpasses Ethereal Disney Aesthetic

Fruit basket reflects a classic fairy tale but everywhere exceeds the standard of animated films. The enigmatic anime follows the life of a sweet girl named Tohru. Much like a typical Disney character, she radiates joy and happiness, infecting the lives of everyone around her.

Fruit basketThe plot of a girl turning her neighbors into Chinese zodiac animals doesn’t sound like an existing Disney movie, but the aesthetic as a whole camouflages Fruit basket like a. It’s in tune with Disney’s decision to spread multicultural awareness with its newer films (like become red)but Fruit basket goes even further to address specific aspects of Chinese culture.

7 Mushoku Tensei’s message is surprisingly impressive

Mushoku Tensei is by no means a family series. The main character is an obnoxious, unemployed and predatory man. However, he is reincarnated as a child, and the main character’s transformation into Redeus Greyrat is most admirable.

Mushoku Tensei teaches its audience the true meaning of redemption. The character’s development from a controversial 34-year-old to a beloved child was incredibly significant. The relationship Redeus has with his father also underscores the importance of family in life, something he had never valued before.

6 The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is the Perfect Disney Sitcom

Generally, the goal of a Disney sitcom is to make its audience laugh. Disney sitcoms aren’t rich in plot, and that’s exactly what The Disastrous As By Saiki K. offers. It follows the life of a pink-haired medium who has unfathomable powers. It’s light-hearted, packed with comedy, and even sprinkles in scenes of Saiki breaking the fourth wall.

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Saiki wants nothing more than to live a normal, mundane life. However, with possessing immeasurable powers comes an abundance of responsibility. It’s a fun series with a premise that easily tops Disney’s laid-back high school sitcom.

5 Yuri!!! On ice anime is frozen

Yuri!!! On the ice and Frozen have more in common than snow and cold temperatures. Frozen follows shy Elsa as she comes out of her shell and confidently embraces her true self. Yuuri is a soft-hearted figure skater who easily falters in the face of competitors. At first, Yuuri let his competitors get into his head, causing him to sink into melancholy after any form of failure.

Over time, he grows into himself and finds the fighting spirit he needs to confidently win his competitions. Frozen and Yuri!!! On the ice are very close in standard, but Yuri!!! On the ice is a hidden gem that the animation community must finally indulge.

4 Anohana reiterates the value of friendship in a bittersweet way

Anohana tells the story of a group of estranged friends who rekindled their friendship after a ten-year separation. Menma’s death shattered the tight-knit group. Ten long years apart, Menma showed herself to Jinta, asking her to bring everyone together again. It’s clear that everyone has their own emotional blockages, and Menma sees how deeply her death has affected the group.

Anohana illustrates the emotions surrounding grief in a beautifully bittersweet way. Anohana is a wonderful story, teaching its audience that emotions can be projected in countless ways, all equally valid.

3 Mob Psycho 100 is as Disney as it gets

Mob Psycho 100 features pops of color, a glaringly obvious message, and even the essential slice-of-life of a Disney title. Like any slice of life show, Mob Psycho 100 the main character is an insecure young boy who finds it difficult to love himself.

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Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama is as selfless and kind as any Disney movie protagonist. Mob is nice without fail, and does so while remaining realistic. The powerful psychic does not have a power-hungry complex, they just want to live a humble life using their powers for good. Mob Psycho 100 portrays the perfect Disney hero without all the nasty borderline positivity.

2 Orange cheese premise is well done

Orange turns a corny premise into a charming story. Complete with the ethereal aesthetic of Disney, Orange preaches good values ​​to its audience as any family series should. When 16-year-old Takamiya Naho receives a letter from herself, 26, her life changes.

Takamiya receives a book which serves as a guide for him to live his life. 26-year-old Takamiya Naho teaches both his young self and the public important life lessons throughout Orange. A notable mention is Oranges accept regret: regret and mistakes do not define a person and in no way take away their right to be happy.

1 Assassination Classroom inspires passionate non-academic students to find their true passions

Assassination Classroom features a yellow octopoid creature as the teacher of a remedial class. Students are not only taught math, language and science, they are also challenged and encouraged to carry out assassination attempts against their teachers.

Minus the impending threat of destroying Earth, Korosensei is arguably one of anime’s most wholesome characters. He teaches his students invaluable life lessons like believing in yourself, striving to improve your weaknesses and many more. Assassination Classroom is packed with humor, action and life lessons every child needs to hear.

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