10 animated series kids will enjoy (but adults will find boring)


While there are plenty of adult-oriented animated series produced, the anime also has dozens of kid-friendly titles that line its proverbial shelves. In fact, a vast majority of cartoons are marketed almost exclusively to children or teens, as this is a demographic that most likely has enough free time to participate in cartoons.

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Unfortunately, this means that the adult crowd doesn’t have as much variety to hope for when it comes to anime, so it’s a good thing that some children’s anime is engaging and entertaining enough for older crowds. However, there are many animated series that are best experienced by children and might not be able to hold the attention of an adult audience for long.

ten Chi’s Sweet Home has a simplistic plot and short episodes

Even though the original manga for Chi’s Sweet Home published in a seinen magazine, this series is a great watch for children. Holder Chi is a stray cat who was found by Yohei Yamada, a young boy who an audience of children can immediately connect with. The series focuses on Chi’s misdeeds as she explores her new home and meets new animals to befriend. But whatever Chi’s troubles are, she knows the Yamadas will accept her in return, which is a heartwarming message to young audiences.

9 Yo-Kai Watch is from popular video games and toys

yo-kai watch anime

Originally designed as a long-running franchise like Doraemon and Pokemon, Yo-kai watch has successfully established itself as a beloved multimedia franchise for children. Yo-kai watch has spawned plenty of toys and a handful of video games since its inception, so it makes sense that a manga and anime adaptation have been made. The basic plot revolves around school-aged children who befriend Yo-kai who haunt the city and work with them to solve everyday problems. This franchise is arguably marketed to children and most adults won’t get the same level of fun.

8 Doraemon is full of imagination and wonder that kids can enjoy

Doraemon with Nobita, Takeshi, Suneo and Shizuka.

As a franchisee, Doraemon has stood the test of time and has become a beloved childhood series for many around the world. The series follows the adventures of Doraemon, a time-traveling robot cat from the 22sd century.

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His mission is to assist Nobita Nobi, whose future grandson sent Doraemon back to the past to help his grandfather create a better life for his descendants. Doraemon has always been a series aimed at kids, so the straightforward plot, colorful characters, and slapstick antics are best enjoyed by a younger crowd.

7 Hamtaro is based on a series of Japanese children’s books

Hamtaro and his friends.

Following the antics of various animals is often a great premise for a children’s show and Hamtaro is no exception to this rule. In fact, children’s books are the source of the Hamtaro anime, so it’s no wonder this series appeals to kids. Hamtaro features the antics of his eponymous mischievous hamster and his friends, the Ham-Hams. This franchise was particularly popular in Japan, where it ran for almost 300 episodes. Adults are likely to have a hard time staying engaged with Hamtaro’s simplistic plot, no matter how cute it is.

6 Bananya’s short episodes and charming characters are perfect for kids

Bananya and the Curious Bunch anime main cover

With episodes that last around three minutes each and a colorful cast, Bananya is an anime that is easily digestible for young audiences. The series features a new species of tiny cats that live in banana peels. Most of the action is described by a narrator who explains the motives behind the banana cats while the cats themselves communicate in adorable onomatopoeias. Bananya’s biggest ambition is to bathe in chocolate with all of her banana cat friends – an endeavor most children can probably enjoy.

5 Pretty Cure has grown into a massive franchise for kids

Originally released in 2004 under the title Futari wa Pretty Cure, the nice remedy The franchise has exploded in popularity and has 18 different anime titles to its name. The franchise has also branched out into films, toys, and video games, among other merchandise, making it a monster among children’s anime. The series is almost like a direct successor to Sailor moon with its teenage actors who work with various magical entities to protect the Earth. While this series has a niche popularity with some adult crowds, it is mostly loved by children.

4 Tokyo Mew Mew has done well in Japan and abroad

Ichigo ready for attack

Based on a shojo manga by Reiko Yoshida, the Tokyo Mew Mew the anime performed remarkably well both in its home country and with English-speaking audiences. Tokyo Mew Mew follows 12-year-old Ichigo Momomiya, who eventually gains the ability to transform into Mew Ichigo, a heroic catgirl who must protect Earth from troublesome aliens.

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The franchise is still alive and well, with Tokyo Mew Mew New scheduled to premiere in 2022. The basic “good versus evil” plot is easy for children to understand, but may not be of interest to adults.

3 Beyblade was designed to complement a line of children’s toys

Beyblade Tyson and Bladers

Originally a range of spinning tops manufactured by Takara Tomy, Beyblade has grown into a moderately popular animated series with a cult following. New Beyblade the anime is still in progress, with Beyblade Burst being the most recent iteration of the franchise. The plot of the anime is exceptionally easy to follow, as its main premise revolves around elementary school children playing the Beyblade fighting the best game with each other. Children will find it easier to connect with Beyblade, especially with a whole line of toys behind to attract them.

2 Pokémon has appealed to children for decades

shocked ash and pikachu, Pokemon

Although it is true that many adults appreciate Pokemon franchise, that’s probably because they were introduced to video games and cartoons when they were kids. Like most anime with toy and video game franchises behind them, the premise of Pokemon is easy to understand and its young protagonists are immediately accessible to an audience of children. Many adults who love Pokemon today they probably enjoyed him a lot more as kids and it might be hard for them to sit still through the show now that they’re older.

1 The basic Digimon 1999 storyline is easy for kids to understand

As Pokemon, Digimon is a franchise that has been around for decades, and many adults grew up watching the original Digimon anime released in 1999. While entries like Digimon Adventure sorting. tempted to connect with their older audience, the first anime is an experience kids will enjoy the most. Digimon is primarily focused on the Monster of the Week plot where the young Digidestinians must defeat the villain before they cause too much damage. It is certainly a nostalgic title for some adults, but not the most interesting.

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