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It can be difficult to convince someone familiar with Hollywood movies to watch cartoons. The anime is visually and auditory apart from most Western media. Whether it’s the character design, the use of J-Rock and Jpop, or the very expressive storytelling, the anime can be quite shocking for someone who primarily consumes Western movies. However, there are many cartoons that fans of Hollywood movies can enjoy as well.

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Like the American film industry, anime is large and varied with many genres, themes, and tones. For fans of love movies, there are some great love stories in anime. People who are more into action and superhero movies can find plenty of options among shonen and seinen anime. With so many genres to choose from, there are plenty of anime series that Hollywood movie fans can enjoy.

ten Ghost In The Shell standalone complex for fans of sci-fi and action movies

Kusanagi with a gun from Ghost in the Shell SAC

Ghost in the shell is an iconic anime franchise that is hugely successful in the United States. While most people are familiar with the 1995 film, the follow-up TV series Ghost in the Shell: stand-alone Complex addresses many of the similar issues of corrupt futuristic governments and what it means to be human. The series is a strong mix of action and thought-provoking ideologies.

Audiences who have watched films such as The matrix maybe already familiar with the feeling of Ghost in the Shell: Self-contained complex. This familiarity is due to the Ghost in the shell inspired the Wachowskis and many other Hollywood science fiction directors.

9 Cowboy Bebop for fans of action, western and sci-fi movies

Spike and Faye from Cowboy Bebop Smoking

There are only a few animated series that have had as much of an impact abroad as Cowboy Bebop. The anime has been shown on American television for years and has become iconic in the United States. Cowboy Bebop mixes the western and science fiction genres to allow it to become a success around the world. Each member of the iconic Spike Spiegel team has a lot of character and charisma. The antics of these characters make this series easy to binge.

Fans of Hollywood movies may recognize the use of bebop jazz and western guitar in the score of the anime. The fight scenes in Cowboy Bebop are also a treat for all fans of the action genre.

8 My Hero Academia: For fans of superhero movies

My Hero Academia 1A class

Superhero movies are one of the most successful parts of Hollywood. However, if someone is tired of watching DC and Marvel stories, they don’t need to look any further than My hero university. While some aspects of this series are familiar to fans of Hollywood superhero movies, My hero university does a lot to set itself apart from other superhero tales. The powers of this series are vast as it is typical for individuals in the My hero university the universe to have superpowers.

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The construction of the world in My hero university is unique compared to Hollywood superhero movies. The setting of My hero university, the best hero school in the world, lends itself to exciting encounters. Add this frame with a diverse and compelling cast of superheroes and My hero university is a great series for anyone who enjoys Hollywood superhero movies.

7 Attack on Titan: For fans of horror and action movies

Eren Yeager from AOT season 4

The attack of the Titans is one of the most popular cartoons in Japan and the United States. Anime’s use of iconic genres such as horror and action allows The attack of the Titans to maintain a grip on audiences around the world.

The public’s fear of the Titans can be paralleled with Hollywood monster movies such as Cloverfield. However, while these Hollywood movies usually rely entirely on their monsters, The attack of the Titans fleshed out as an action / horror series with compelling political commentary.

6 Erased for fans of thrillers and crime films

Erased students in a classroom

There are a few animated series that have acclaimed live-action adaptations. Erased is a series that works well in both the animated and live format. The story works well because of its basis in crime, mystery, and its characters. Satoru’s journey through time to save his classmate Kaya is a story that has a lot of original ideas. However, even these innovative ideas are available to fans of detective movies to follow.

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Erased does not require any prior knowledge of the anime to enjoy it. It’s a well-crafted thriller that uses the conventions of the mystery genre. There is a hero detective, an adorable victim and an unknown killer. The anime’s addiction to these conventions allows it to be accessible to fans of Hollywood movies.

5 Violet Evergarden for fans of period movies

Violet with her Violet Evergarden brooch

Many animes have settings reminiscent of 20th century Europe. However, there may not be a performance as beautiful or as engaging as Violet Evergarden. The series uses Leidenschaftlich’s imaginary country as a setting. Leidenschaftlich recalls several post-war European countries.

Violet’s time as a self-remembering doll is filled with beautiful depictions of her setting. From the intricate details of Violet’s typewriter to beautiful landscape photos of wagons passing busy streets, this anime beautifully captures post-war Europe. Fans of period films and dramatic storytelling should give Violet Evergarden monitoring.

4 Haikyuu !! For fans of sports films

The main cast of Haikyuu !!  from season 5

Haikyu !! will not disappoint fans of Hollywood sports movies. The anime follows Shoyo Hinata, who joins a high school volleyball team to become a great volleyball player. Although the principle may seem quite simple, Haikyuu !! has a lot up its sleeve for fans of sports history.

The animated series has excellent character arcs as well as biting matches. An entire season is just one volleyball match. Haikyuu !! takes a lot of risk, but every risk pays off, especially for fans of sports movies.

3 Death Note for Drama Movie Fans

Ryuk and Light from Death Note

Death threat is an anime that has taken the West by storm. The psychological warfare between Light and L as they try to find each other has captivated audiences around the world. The writing and characters of Death threat are incredibly intelligent. The mind games, planning, and storylines between the two characters are all incredibly appealing to watch.

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Light is a captivating protagonist. Light’s plan to use the Death Note to rid the world of all criminals is dark and twisted, but his intelligence and charisma make members of the audience support him anyway. Hollywood already knew how successful Light’s story had been with Western audiences as Netflix made a live-action adaptation of Death threat. However, it’s best to watch the original anime first.

2 Parasyte: the maxim of horror movie fans

Shinichi Izumi with his Parasyte de Parasyte hand

Horror is one of the most popular genres in Hollywood. While there are many great horror animes that Hollywood fans would love, Parasyte: La Maxime is one of the most gruesome anime. The use of body horror is both preposterous and terrifying. The images of humans cut up and eaten by the horrific parasites are sure to keep horror fans engaged.

Plus, there are a lot of thriller fights in the series. Every fight has gruesome images of mutilated bodies. This anime is a great choice for fans of Hollywood horror movies.

1 Your lie in April for fans of love movies

Kousei and Kaori stand by a bridge in Your Lie in April

There are many romantic animes that come out every season. However, the romantic harem and ecchi anime may not be the best choice for fans of Hollywood romantic movies. A better option for these fans would be Your lie in April.

This anime follows Kousei Armia and Kaori Miyazono. They are musicians who struggle with past traumas and an uncertain future. Together, the couple try to overcome their setbacks by playing music with each other. It’s a sweet and heartbreaking love story that’s perfect for fans of romantic drama movies. Those who decide to watch it should be prepared with a box of tissues nearby.

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