10 Animated Movies / TV Series For Fight Club Fans To Watch


Fight Club is a pivot cult classic that has helped generations of young adults cope with the pressures of expression and acceptance of their respective mental disorders. The film centers on anxiety and fits into a growing society hinged on the justice system. The exploitation of what happens when you just can’t follow the rules separates this movie from the rest.

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By examining the psychological shift of reality within the film Struggle Club, there may be clear links to specific animated movies or TV shows that follow suit. Whether it’s insomnia, drug use, or schizophrenia that’s causing Tyler Durden’s character to collapse, here’s a list of anime that show clear links to the psychological thriller.

ten A Silent Voice (2016)

A silent voice: the film shows that bullying has a direct link with major depressive disorder. Although the film has a different pace than Fight Club and is considered a romance, the psychological torment expressed by the two is so deep and detailed that they can never be separated from each other.

Through the main characters, Saori and Mayu, audiences see how deep psychological torment can ruin a person’s life. Likewise, in Fight Club the constant pressures of society to be something he is not lead Tyler Durden to mental collapse.

9 Psycho-Pass (2012)

Psycho-Pass is a series filled with questions about the societal order and humanity. Former policewoman Akane Tsunemori goes rogue and deals with highly dysfunctional mental disorders. It gets so extreme that audiences start to wonder what reality they find themselves in throughout the series.

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Although difficult to follow, Psycho-Pass is a shining example of how one challenges the order of society and actively strives to change the reality to which it has become accustomed.

8 Diary of the Future (2011)

Diary of the future is originally a manga but was made into a TV show, and for good reason. Upon obtaining the diary that tells the future, the main characters are thrown into a battle royale struggling between their existence and reality.

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Fight Club isn’t about predicting the future, but time and space are challenged throughout the process as the schizophrenic main character is thrown into a whirlwind of chaos and disorder. The characters in Diary of the future, like those of Fight Club, struggle to survive in an inherently chaotic world.

7 Alice in Frontier Land (2014)

Tyler Durden in Fight Club really struggles to separate her schizophrenic self from her current self. However, his schizophrenic self is the self he desires to be due to an escape from his normal, boring life. Alice in the land of borders centers around a high school student who wants nothing more than an escape from his insignificant current existence.

This proves to be detrimental as he falls into a mental collapse and struggles between what is right and wrong.

6 Death Parade (2015)

Instead of questioning reality, Death parade raises the question “what happens when we die?” Although a different view of mental instability, Death parade shows that major depressive disorder can pass from life to life.

Whether it’s insomnia that drives Tyler Durden to Fight Club or lucid dreams, Death parade couples psychological issues together for a false reality becoming the present.

5 Agent of Paranoia (2004)

Paranoia Agent is pure adolescent / young adult angst mixed with schizophrenia disorder. The series centers on a boy, Lil ‘Slugger, who clubs innocent citizens with a baseball bat. However, when asked about his actions, he cannot say whether or not he committed the crimes.

This is a brilliant performance that parallels the entire theme of Fight Club. A schizophrenic cannot answer for crimes committed by his other self. It is natural that they even fight the charges with physical force when questioned.

4 Texhnolyze (2003)

Texhnolysis is a cutting-edge animated film that is anything but the typical beautiful cinematic experience that audiences are used to. When an injured and disfigured man sees a doctor, he is experienced instead of being restored to health. The woman who experiments on him has problems with her own psychological stability and uses her mental instability in evil practices.

3 Colorful (2010)

This dark anime is littered with major depressive disorder centered around a demon getting a second chance at life thanks to a child who commits suicide. Fight Club emulates this through notions that emotional holes must be filled in order to become a complete soul, even though those emotional holes are filled with battery acid.

Colored is visually stunning which makes for a great viewing experience even if the content is less than uplifting.

2 Lain Serial Experiments (1998)

Lain series experiments is a popular anime that has successfully connected reality with virtual reality. The two coexist with each other, and the characters learn that they fit into two roles: their virtual self and their current self. This anime is considered to be an eyesore due to its dark content dealing with suicide and depression.

When normal reality gets too small for Tyler Durden in Fight Club, he invents a false reality which pushes him to live two lives. While this is psychologically tormenting and destructive, its reality becomes much less boring, which was its ultimate goal. Similar themes can be found here in Lain series experiments.

1 Death notices (2006)

Death threat is a series we all know and love for its beautiful storytelling mixed with visually striking animation. It is also popular because of its content dealing with its list of issues such as Conduct Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Antisocial Personality Disorder. When the main character comes into possession of a death notebook that has the power to kill whoever he wants, the characters struggle with their own sense of power and their own being.

As the high school student becomes more dependent on the notebook, he struggles to find a life worth living other than with his demonic self. In Fight Club, the same themes are shown where Tyler Durden cannot live a life without his other self. Schizophrenia is portrayed in a bright light in between.

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