10 animated films that could have worked in series


The anime industry has only gotten more ambitious and creative in the last decade and every year brings with it a bunch of new challenges. anime content. There’s a lot of emphasis on the ongoing animated series that turns into a multi-season hit, but there’s often even more respect for animated feature films.

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Animated films can connect in a whole other way and they often attempt to tell a very different kind of story than what is explored in a long-running animated series. However, many animated films have deep premises with even more material to explore and it’s interesting to think about how they would work as TV series that expand on the story.

ten Promare creates a world rich in fiery powers that deserves further exploration

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Everything Studio TRIGGER produces is an absolute masterpiece in terms of animation and their last feature film, Promare, presents some of their best work. Promare focuses on the threat of the Burnish, a growing race of pyrokinetic mutants, as well as those who fight to extinguish their flames.

Promare‘s fire-based conflict is already remarkably similar to Fire force, which shows that this idea works in a longer format. There are such interesting characters and tools that come to life in the movie that would benefit from a bigger canvas to explore.

9 A complete series set in the world of Spirited Away would be an instant triumph

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Each of Hayao Miyazaki’s films has enough detail and passion to function as a competent animated series, but Abducted as if by magic is probably the best candidate.

All of Miyazaki’s films combine wonder and melancholy, but Abducted as if by magic achieves a sublime balance that benefits the infinitely creative creatures on display once Chihiro steps into the Spirit Realm. The series could focus on Chihiro’s efforts to save his parents or just different misadventures in this new world and that would still work.

8 Paprika Melds Tech & The Imagination and has more stories to tell

Satoshi Kon was a true anime visionary and all of his works are foundational pieces of anime cinema. Kon touched on television with Paranoia Agent, which shows that he can nail the structure of the medium.

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Paprika follows a “dream sleuth” who desperately tries to recover dangerous technology before it is used by the wrong people. Paprika is essentially an animated version of Creation and it’s full of incredible settings that mix fantasy and reality. It would absolutely thrive in an episodic format that could allow even more depth to the film’s brilliant concepts.

7 Adorable Lu Over the Wall protagonist deserves a full series to thrive

Read on the wall pair a disillusioned teenager with a singing vampire siren, and they find an unusual kinship in each other. Many anime stories look at someone learning how to come out of their shell, but Kai’s evolution with Lu’s help is so sweet and inspiring.

Lu is such a sweet character and she is fantastic in Masaaki Yuasa’s film, but it would be even more satisfying to have a full run of her musical misadventures as she tries to better acclimatize to life outside of the water.

6 Redline’s kinetic run could get even more intense in episodic format

Red line features an incredibly straightforward plot, but this is one film that is proudly most concerned with its incredible visuals and extreme tone. Some may claim that Red line is a case of style rather than substance, but it is far from an empty experience.

The the film centers on an epic intergalactic race where a wide range of exaggerated personalities clash. There are many cartoons based on the race or even a great race as a major narrative force and Red line could certainly make the most of this structure.

5 A full series can better explore the gripping story and mysterious premise of your name

Makoto Shinaki has become one of the main voices in the anime when it comes to the loving and honest relationships that take place in the movies. your name maybe Shinkai’s the most powerful and polished work and it takes a body swap story in some truly amazing places.

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The mystery behind why these teens change their bodies is compelling in itself, but the unlikely romance that ensues is so beautiful. your name is close to a perfect movie, but there’s no reason why an animated series that can flesh out some of its weirder concepts wouldn’t be a huge hit as well.

4 Ride Your Wave’s unconventional love story is perfect for a series

Surf your wave touches on many of director Masaaki Yuasa’s hallmarks, but it’s a more mature story that hinges on the concept of grief and loss. A sweet relationship is cut short when Hinako’s new boyfriend Minato dies. Hinako is shocked to find a liquid version of her lover coming to her aid and the complicated dynamics that ensue force Hinako to really look inside.

An animated series could devote more time to the connection between Hinako and Minato before things turn sour and create an even more moving story.

3 The tender relationship in a silent voice can flourish even more in a series

There is a subset of animated movies that are the worst types of tears that tell overwhelming stories that will reduce any audience to tears. A silent voice is such a blunt and effective example of what stems from the honest locus of bullying and inappropriate aggression.

Shoya lashed out at Shoko mercilessly, a deaf girl, back in elementary school and years later, he finds himself engulfed in guilt and determined to right his past wrongs. A silent voice would have more time to tell the story of Shoya and Shoko, which would make her ups and downs even harder.

2 Earwig And The Witch Has A Perfect Structure For Long-Form Storytelling

Earwig and the witch is headed by Goro Miyazaki, Hayao’s son, scoring Studio Ghibli first fully CG effort– and it’s an absolute triumph. The confident animation style mirrors the story of a young orphan, Earwig, who is poorly cared for by a bitter witch.

Earwig’s world opens up once she begins to embrace music and magic, which helps her mentally escape her harsh surroundings. Earwig’s growth and her melancholy time before she reunited could become even more compelling across multiple episodes in a series.

1 Demon Slayer’s Mugen train could have run as part of the series

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the biggest anime phenomena of recent years. The first anime feature film, Mugen train, broke box office records and became the highest-grossing Japanese animated film of all time. Mugen train presents an original story that pits demon slayers against a deadly monster on a locomotive.

Mugen train is a triumph and the fact that it has a movie budget makes the animation look better than ever. However, there is no reason why Mugen train could not have worked as the start of Demon slayer second season or been his own OVA series.

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